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We create interactive mockups to plan the roadmap for design and development.

App Design

We design the look, feel, and branding of your product.

App Development

We code, test, review, and launch your software application.

We specialize in taking software ideas from
the drawing board to the launch pad.
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Meet the Founders

Meet the Founders

Recent Work

"I demoed the platform for the board yesterday to rave reviews. I've been impressed with the speed and stability of the site."

Bob Myhal

President & COO, NextHire

"This is amazing! It looks so beautiful, I love it! ... Clients are going to love this, wait till the clients see this platform. Incredible!"

Julie Kidd

Account Manager, NextHire

"The guys at LeanStark were instrumental at helping Aunalytics design, develop, and drive our data science platform through the Minimum Viable Product stage. The software development support and leadership we received from Nick and Bobby helped us move closer to building an advanced data analysis platform for middle-market companies. Today our platform is being used throughout the country and the gentlemen at Leanstark are a major part of it."

Tracy Graham

CEO, Aunalytics

"Nick and Bobby were among the initial employees at Aunalytics and helped build the first version of our data science platform -- Aunsight. I was very impressed by the ability to think through the problem, work as a team, and more importantly deliver. They have solid design thinking as well as development skills, and are able to see the long-term vision."

Nitesh Chawla, PhD.

Founder, Aunalytics

Associate Professor, Notre Dame

"Love how easy the site works, selling and buying. Aisle0 has definitely given a new feel to online exchanges."

Jon Brown

Student, UNH

"Aisle0 is an amazing new innovation for students at UNH. I love this site. It gives me a place to buy and sell items with ease."

David Pattison

Student, UNH


We define all aspects of the software product necessary to test your idea: value hypothesis, feature set, data, customers, end-users, barriers to entry, etc.
We collaborate over interactive sketches of the application's flow, content, and structure to create an intuitive and engaging user experience.
We iterate through professionally designed mockups to define the overall look and feel of the application: color palette, fonts, animations, positioning, spacing, etc.
We code all front-end and back-end needs for your application to create a reliable and efficient product that captures your vision.
We test all core features to ensure everything is working properly, considering edge cases, browser compatibility, and stylistic elements that impact the user experience.
We launch the application with 30 days of free support. Your app will be accompanied by an analytics dashboard to ensure you understand your user behavior in real time.


Why Leanstark?

At Leanstark, we're not just programmers. To build the best possible products, we work collaboratively and strategically with our clients throughout every step of the process. We bring years of technical experience to the table and love engaging with entrepreneurs from all backgrounds.

How long will my project take?

Most projects take 2-3 months.

What are the costs and payment options?

Exact pricing for wireframing, app design, and app development depends on the overall scope and your specific requirements. In the past, we have worked on projects for cash, equity, a percentage of revenue, or a combination thereof. Contact us to discuss an option that best suits you.

What types of software do you create?

In the past, we have developed websites, web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, APIs, and many other things. We're passionate about finding the right software solutions for each idea.

What happens after the product launch?

We provide 30 days of free bug support. Your app will also come with an analytics dashboard, allowing you to understand your app's user behavior in realtime. After launch, you will have the insights you need to take an informed next step, whether that's seeking capital investment, finding a tech co-founder, hiring full-time developers, or discussing a second iteration with us.

What are my other options?

Freelancers: While inexpensive, this strategy requires you to act as the CTO while managing isolated freelancers. This is very difficult to do well. Technical Co-Founder or CTO: Finding a trustworthy and capable technical co-founder or CTO is a great idea, but they are difficult to find and very expensive to bring on board. Outsourced Development: This can be the cheapest option per line-of-code, but it's often a communication and managerial nightmare. We've seen many outsourced projects wind up just 70% complete with a poor user experience. The effectiveness of the product can suffer and valuable resources are often wasted. Large Development Firms: These larger development firms typically complete projects for the Fortune 500, so you can expect costs to be several hundred thousand dollars. If you have the funds, this is a feasible alternative, but we think working with Leanstark could save you A LOT of time and money.

What technologies do you use?

Java Enterprise - Microsoft .Net
MuleSoft ESB - JBoss - WebLogic
Oracle, MySql, SqlServer
MongoDB with Mongoose
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
PhoneGap, Cordova
Git, GitHub

We also create and leverage many code libraries to improve the efficiency of our development workflow. To name a few: Ractive.js, Mustache, Sass, NPM, Bower, Autoprefixer, etc.

Do you use agile development?

Some stages of our client delivery process, like wireframing and app design, closely parallel agile development principles. However, less tangible stages, like backend development, are more efficient without agile development. Ultimately, we save our clients time, money, and energy by using the right process at the right time.